Following is a list of radio pieces I did for Independent Media Center radio on WEFT 90.1 FM and the dates they aired. They all run approx. 17-25 minutes. They were produced in the old IMC studio, when even the chairs needed repair, so the sound quality may be uneven. Apologies in advance!

Air Dates
Interview with Ondine about her work as an IMC Radio News reporter.
(Download this file)
Interview with Maggie Austin about the challenges for middle/upper middle class African-Americans in the Champaign-Urbana community.
(Download this file)
Interview with Robin Fossum, Adoptee and Adoption Activist, who presents a controversial view of adoption we do not often hear.
(Download this file)

Interview with Carol Wagner, Author of "Soul Survivors, Stories of Women & Children in Cambodia"
(Download this file)


Interview with Carol Spindel, author of "Dancing at Halftime" about the need to retire American Indian sports "mascots"... particularly at the University of Illinois.
(Download this file)


Good to Know: Interview with Pauline Kayes, President of DiversityWorks, Inc., about her work with diversity education in schools and workplaces.
(Download this file)

Good to Know: Interview with John Lee Johnson, African-American Community Advocate on his work for the Champaign-Urbana community.
(Download this file)

Good to Know: Interview with Aimee Rickman, Director and Founder of GirlZone and Grrrlfest: programs designed to promote the social and educational development of girls.
(Download this file)


Good to Know: Interview with Independent Media Center Founders on the origins of UCIMC.
(Download this file)


Good to Know: Interview with Tim Shea, Social Worker, on issues facing GLBT youth.
(Download this file)


Good to Know: Interview with Ha Ho, Director of East Central Illinois Refugee Center and issues facing Vietnames imigrants to Champaign-Urbana.
(Download this file)


Good to Know: Interview with Lydia Khuri, Palestinian Psychologist on Jewish/Middle East dialogue.
(Download this file)


Exploring Anti-Semitism in the Anti-War Movement.
(Download this file)


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