Now more than ever we need our students to feel safe and supported in school by their teachers and fellow students! Mediation helps promote understanding and restores the respect!


How to Mediate School Conflicts and Keep Students Learning


School Psychologist Ondine Gross, M.S., Ed.M. guides you through an easy, effective, and evidence-based mediation technique for teachers and students in Grades K-12. This common-sense solution to conflict resolution will help you reduce suspensions and keep students in the classroom and ready to learn.

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Schoolwide Application of Teacher-Student Mediation to Reduce Exclusionary Discipline, by O. Gross, E. Healy, & K. Reed.



Introducing Restorative Teacher-Student Mediation

Watch student actors and a high school teacher demonstrate restorative teacher-student, and student mediation meetings with Ondine Gross:




Ondine is available to conduct workshops on:
    • School Mediation to Restore Respect
    • Trauma-Informed Practices
    • Boosting Social-Emotional Wellness in Schools
    • Boosting Educator Wellness in Schools
    • Suicide Awareness and Prevention
    • The Wisdom in the Room – Collecting educators’ “tried and true” strategies for positive school relationships, academic engagement, and classroom management.

Presentations on Restorative School Mediation



How Mediation Restores the Respect

How Mediation Restores the Respect

Presented by Ondine Gross, author of Restore the Respect

Watch the recording »

In this coffee chat school psychologist Ondine Gross will discuss how to facilitate restorative teacher-student mediation—an easy, evidence-based intervention that reduces disciplinary actions and promotes wellness in a school community. She will share how restorative mediation brings the teacher and student together in a positive meeting to model social, problem solving, and communication skills.

2/25/17: WCIA TV: “Managing Teacher/Student Conflict”

9/10/16: Lafond, N.,  Expert’s Opinion: Mediate Intead of Punish, The News Gazette

9/5/16: Radio Interview with Sandra Ahten on WEFT 90.1 FM, CU Progressive News



CEC (Council for Exceptional Children) Special Education Convention & Expo. 1/31/19.  Indianapolis, Indiana.

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About Ondine

Ondine Gross, M.S., Ed.M., is an author and nationally certified school psychologist who has worked in public school settings for more than 30 years. She was born in Los Angeles and began her career in diverse California public school districts. The California Association of School Psychologists named her an “Outstanding School Psychologist.” While in California, Ondine earned licenses as a marriage and family therapist and as a licensed educational psychologist.

Moving to Illinois in 1993, Ondine became a licensed clinical professional counselor and also worked for Champaign Unit #4 Schools as the Centennial High school psychologist and student services department chair.  Mid-career, Ondine earned a master’s degree in educational policy, organization, and leadership from the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign as well as school administrator certification. She also became a volunteer community mediator and in 2011 piloted restorative school mediation at Centennial High School. The results were positive and inspired Ondine to train others and write the book: Restore the Respect: How to Mediate School Conflicts and Keep Students Learning.

Ondine speaks publicly and on a wide range of topics relating to students and families. She is an educational consultant for ROE SchoolWorks and Ondine Gross Solutions, LLC. Ondine’s audiences appreciate her frankness, credibility, and “in the trenches” humor when promoting safe, positive and affirming school environments for students, educators, and families.

Ondine currently resides in Champaign and Chicago, Illinois. Her former hobby was to produce an amateur radio interview series called, “Good to Know” to introduce community radio listeners to diverse fellow residents and local activists. Interviews can be heard at this link: http://ondinegross.com/OndineTalks, Her current hobby is to take photos with her IPhone and post them on Instagram: @ondinetalks.